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Unique and beautiful sterling silver ring with a large, faceted Prehnite stone surrounded by three Peridot stones on a split band.

Sterling Silver Ring with Prehnite & Peridot

SKU: 100242PRN
  • PREHNITE is the stone of unconditional love often used in meditative practices to enhance prophesy and the higher contact with the self. It has a protective field and brings coherence and calmness to one's endeavors. A chosen Feng Shui stone to remove cluttered energy. Used in treatment of bladder, kidney and connective tissues.

    Peridot is August’s official birthstone. It is thought to bring the wearer good luck, peace, and success. Its powers include health, protection and sleep. The advantages of Peridot are to attract love and calm anger while also soothing nerves and dispelling negative emotions.

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