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Why I love Aquamarine

I’ve always been a bit jealous of March babies – who wouldn’t want Aquamarine for a birthstone? The blue-green variety of the mineral Beryl is versatile, beautiful, and can be quite affordable.

Aquamarine is named for the ocean (the Latin translation of Aquamarine is literally “seawater”) and legend has it that it was originally discovered in a mermaid’s jewelry box. Just looking at it I am reminded of sitting on a Hawaiian beach . . . I can almost smell the sunscreen!

Aquamarine was one used as a talisman by sailors and travelers of all sorts. It was believed that Aquamarine was an aid against seasickness and drowning. Nowadays many people choose Aquamarine for its purported abilities to help gain a sense of peace and to express oneself.

As if there weren’t enough reasons to love Aquamarine already, consider this: Aquamarine is a trending color for spring and summer this year. It pairs perfectly with Marsala [link back to Marsala entry], and creates a cooler, casual look with denim or adds a bit of jewel-tone sparkle to a breezy sundress. A small, faceted Aquamarine pendant or simple earrings can look ladylike and delicate, but Aquamarine can also be a chunky addition to a bohemian look if worn as a cabochon.

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