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Why I Love . . . Abalone Shell!

It may just be the beginning of spring (or the end of winter, with snow on the ground here in Chicago as recently as a few days ago), but I’m already dreaming of summer vacation. With all the swimsuits, sundresses, and rompers in store windows I can’t help but think about warmer temperatures. This summer I’m hoping to make it out to the coast for a beach weekend, but I’ll settle for some time by the pool a little closer to home. So how do you make sure you’re still looking your best even while traveling (after all, a vacation is no excuse to forget about fashion!)? May I make a suggestion? Throw a few pieces of beautiful rainbow-hued Abalone Shell jewelry in your beach bag and you’ll be all set!

Abalone Shell comes from over one hundred species of mollusk that can be found throughout the Pacific Ocean, from the beaches of the Northwestern United States to the waters off Australia and New Zealand. Abalone is known throughout the world for its beautiful color and iridescence.

I’ve always loved jewelry made with shells. It adds a beachy vibe to just about any outfit and is perfect with summer sundresses and even swimsuits. Most Abalone Shell is predominately green, but can have shades of blue, gold, pink, and purple; it’s the perfect choice to inject a bit of lustrous color into a basic ensemble to make it really stand out! And if you’re into keeping up to the minute on fashion, you probably already know that shell jewelry is trending in a big way.

Still not sold on shells? Consider this: shells have been collected and traded since at least 3000 BC. They are associated with femininity and Venus, The Roman Goddess of Love (who was born in the sea and arrived on the beach floating on a seashell). In the 19th century, shells were known as “sailor’s valentines” and were collected by seafarers in the Caribbean to bring home to their sweethearts.

Because of their association with the Goddess Venus, shells are said to be potent talismans for those seeking love in their lives. Shells are also associated with feelings of relaxation and well-being, although you may not need extra help if you are already at the beach. J If you’re stuck at work for the foreseeable future, though, try putting on your favorite Abalone Shell bracelet. It’s the next best thing to a vacation!

What fashion trends have you excited for summer? I want to hear from you!

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