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Why I Love . . . Citrine!

The world of fashion is full of tough choices, and in the world of jewelry one question reigns supreme: are you a gold person or a silver person?

Traditional fashion rules dictate that, at some point in every woman’s life, she must decide if she will wear mostly gold or mostly silver jewelry. And while today’s modern woman isn’t afraid to break rules and mix metals, the fact still remains that almost every woman will eventually take sides in the great gold vs. silver debate.

And that’s why I love Citrine.

I’m sure you probably know by now that I definitely cast my fashion vote for silver rather than gold. There are some times, though, when your outfit calls for a warm, rich color. And while I do have a few gold-tone pieces in my wardrobe, I love to mix things up and wear Citrine in place of my more classic yellow metal pieces.

Citrine is the name given to yellow Quartz -- the rarest type of Quartz. Unlike Lemon Quartz, which usually has a greenish cast, Citrine is known for its warm, sunshine gold color that can range in intensity from nearly transparent to a deep brownish orange. Citrine is commonly used as the birthstone for the month of November, and is also associated with the Virgo and Gemini zodiac signs.

Citrine looks great with warm colors, especially golds, browns, and bronzes. If you’re a lady who wants to mix your gold and silver jewelry, but aren’t sure where to start, grab a silver piece or two with Citrine. The color of the stone makes your gold and silver pieces really work together. It will add tons of dimension to your wardrobe and lets you put together new jewelry combinations that you wouldn’t have thought possible!

If you need a few more reasons to add some Citrine to your jewelry wardrobe, consider this: Citrine stones have been prized around the world for centuries and are said to be especially beneficial in the hunt for knowledge and mental awakening. For this reason, Citrine stones are a popular gift for students, especially in countries such as China. Citrine is also said to hold the healing power of the sun, which might make it an especially great stone to get you through the long winter ahead!

Are you a gold person, a silver person, or do you mix it up? I’d love to hear about your take on gold vs. silver!

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