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Accessorizing Summer’s Hottest Fashion Trends

A confession: while I absolutely love summer, it is my least favorite season for fashion. In fall, winter, and spring you can play around with layers and add punch to your look in so many different ways. In summer, fashion trends necessarily become much more in your face; there isn’t as much room for subtlety when you’re dressing to stay cool. That being said, summer fashion can be a lot of fun: bold colors and silhouettes with tons of opportunity to use jewelry and other accessories to really spice up your look. Here’s how I would accessorize three of this summer’s hottest trends:

Puffy sleeves. Eighties-style puffy sleeves are everywhere this summer! I would definitely lean into the vintage look by pairing this dress with large statement stud earrings. Or, for a more modern take, an armful of Sterling Silver bangles or a large cuff would create a dramatic line all the way down the arm.


Bright primary colors. Summer is always the season for bold color, in everything from garments to accessories to cosmetics. This season’s color palette harkens back to elementary school art class: vivid, playful shades of red, blue, yellow, and green. Since I love color blocking, I would match up this bright red dress with a necklace in a contrasting shade. Alternatively, I’d preserve the bold monochrome of the look by choosing a few pieces from the AJ Covington chainmail collection. By playing with texture while keeping the color muted, you make sure that the dress is the star of the show!


Fringe. There’s no denying it – fringe is just plain fun! I’d play up the

movement of this look with a great pair of chandelier earrings or anything featuring chain detailing or tassels. If you’re looking to up the boho drama (after all, nothing says bohemian look a good dollop of fringe), a handful of chunky rings featuring earthly stones like Turquoise, Malachite, or Red Coral are sure to do the trick.

I’d love to hear from you! What are your favorite trends this season, and how will you be accessorizing them?

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