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A Gift for Prince Charming

What’s the perfect gift for that special man/Dad in your life? If this question isn’t a head-scratcher, I don’t know what is. The latest gadget? Cologne? Another tie? If you are turning these ideas over in your head again and again, you are not alone.

May I make an unusual suggestion – how about a great accessory from Local Charm?

While not for everyone, a fashion accessory can be a thoughtful gift for birthdays, Father’s Day, and beyond. After all, men care about style, too (even if some of them won’t admit it!). The key is to finding something that suits his look and fits into his lifestyle. Here are some of my top picks for different types of guys.

The Conservative Guy: Maybe the only jewelry he is willing to wear is a watch or a wedding band. Never fear! An accessory might be the right way to go. A stylish pair of cufflinks or a sterling silver money clip lets a man have some flair without taking him out of his frill-free comfort zone. I love this pair of cufflinks by Criffin Designs. They’re made from aircraft aluminum!

The Jewelry Newbie: If you are buying a man his first piece of jewelry, it is best to stick with the tried and true: classically masculine gemstones (such as Black Onyx, Lapis, or Malachite) or plain sterling silver. A ring or pendant on a leather cord is a great place to start. These pieces look great with casual outfits, and are sure to become signature items in his wardrobe.

The Fashion Forward Guy: This man probably already has tons of accessories, and a piece of jewelry or two to boot. He is looking to expand his wardrobe and find something unique. For guys like this, I love pieces from our Yan Van collection. Made of materials varying from sterling silver and copper to rubber, gemstones, and crystals, they make a unique (but definitely masculine) statement. Yan Van bracelets and rings are especially popular with our male clients.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for gift ideas beyond socks and soap on a rope! Have you ever purchased jewelry for the man in your life? I want to hear about it!

-- Helene

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