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Why I Love . . . Blue Siberian Quartz!

What’s your favorite color? If it’s blue you’re in good company! A recent survey found that 29% of women and a whopping 42% of men list blue as their favorite color, making it by far the most popular color on the color wheel. And if you favor blue hues, you just have to check out Blue Siberian Quartz!

Blue Siberian Quartz is a variety of quartz that is infused with cobalt to give it a vivid deep blue color. It is almost always cut with facets to show off the stone’s sparkle, clarity, and color. While Blue Siberian Quartz can easily be confused with Blue Topaz, its rich, dark hue is rarely found in Blue Topaz, which tends to be found in either the Sky (light) or Swiss (medium) blue varieties. Even the darkest type of Blue Topaz, called London Blue Topaz, is distinctly different in color from the rich cobalt of Blue Siberian Quartz. Because of its unique color, many people use Blue Siberian Quartz as an alternative to Sapphire for the September birthstone.

Blue Siberian Quartz is made to be worn with denim! I love the way it looks with overdyed, trouser-style jeans and a nice sweater or blouse. Blue Siberian Quartz also has the sparkle and personality to be worn in a more formal setting, and is a natural pairing to add a pop of color to a little black dress. If you have blue eyes, you really must grab some Blue Siberian Quartz earrings – they’ll make your whole face light up!

While Blue Siberian Quartz is what we at Local Charm call an “enhanced stone,” (a natural stone that is permanently altered through heat, radiation, infusion, or other treatment), it is nonetheless well-regarded amongst those who practice stone healing as a powerful stone for health. It is especially said to help with problems of the mind, including forgetfulness and depression. Some even believe that Blue Siberian Quartz can help a wearer unlock forgotten memories. The soothing deep blue color is also believed to calm inflammation and even sunburns (although I wouldn’t skimp on the Aloe Vera if I were you!).

Is your favorite color blue? What’s your favorite blue stone? Let me know in the comments!

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