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Why I Love . . . Jasper!

They say that variety is the spice of life. And it’s true! Haven’t we all found ourselves feeling bad after overindulging in the familiar – eating the same meals every week, binge-watching a favorite sitcom every night, or even just pulling out the same tried-and-true outfit every time you have an after-work event? I know I’m guilty. And while sometimes it feels nice to settle into a groove, you should never let a groove turn into a rut, especially when it comes to fashion! Recently, while looking for inspiration to perk up a favorite dress, I started my search in the one place where I knew I’d have tons of variety: Jasper!

Jasper is a stone (a family of stones, really) comprised of microcrystalline Quartz and trace minerals that combine to form opaque stones with a remarkable variety of colors and textures. Jaspers are very often known for their distinctive patterns, such as small black dots (Dalmation Jasper), broken mosaic shards (Brecchiated Jasper) or landscape-like scenes (Picture Jasper). They can come in every color under the sun, from red to mustard yellow to mossy green. Many Jaspers swirl together several colors, making them perfect for those who love contrast or are just looking to mix things up!

Jaspers can add an earthy note to any outfit (the stone just screams “boho chic” to me!). I picked out my new pair of Jasper earrings to perk up my tried-and-true dress specifically because of the way the swirls of color contrasted with the solid color-block look of the dress. Previously, I was wearing either plain Sterling Silver or a sparkly stone in a matching color, which was great for work or for going out, but a little dressy for casual events. I feel like my Jasper earrings, paired with a cute felt hat and a chunky knit scarf, will take my dress to places it hasn’t been before: shopping at the farmer’s market, lazy Sunday brunches, or even just a walk through the neighborhood.

Jaspers have been revered for their healing powers since ancient times. Medieval Europeans wore Jaspers as a talisman against sickness, evil spirits, and spider bites, which made the gemstone incredibly popular. Modern stone healers believe that Jasper has a protective and stabilizing energy which can help align the chakras and balance yin-yang energy. Jasper is also considered to be a birthstone for the month of March.

Have I piqued your interest in Jaspers? Stop by your nearest Local Charm and we can show you our great collection of these one-of-a-kind stones! Maybe you’ll find one that will inspire you to spice up your favorite outfit!

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