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How to Have A Charming Holiday: The Local Charm Holiday Gift Guide

All right, Local Charmers! It’s time to roll up your sleeves, get out your pen and paper, and start making those holiday shopping lists. Don’t forget your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, service providers, and pets! Whew! That’s a lot of shopping! And while you’ve got that pen and paper out, it wouldn’t hurt to write a note to Santa about all the great new jewelry you’d love to find underneath the tree this year. If you need some inspiration for either one of your holiday gift lists, I’ve got some great ideas for just about everyone (including you!).

The Stocking Stuffer

Stockings are for those great little treats that might get lost underneath the tree. For me, opening up my stocking first thing on Christmas morning is like a prelude to the main event. Jewelry wipes for keeping your jewelry clean are a great teaser for a present yet to come. My favorite stocking stuffer option: a great pair of stud earrings in her favorite gemstone or a classic pair of Sterling Silver hoops. Even better: all these pictured options are under $50!

The Young Lady

Whether she’s your daughter, granddaughter, niece, sister, Goddaughter, or just a family friend, you have to get something great for the little fashionista. Why not find an age-appropriate pendant in her birthstone? She’s sure to treasure one of her first pieces of “real” jewelry for years to come!

Your Best Friends

She’s the one that knows just what to say when you’ve had a bad day and can instantly make you smile with just one text. You probably know her wardrobe almost as well as you know your own! She’s your BFF, and the holidays are the perfect time to show her how much you appreciate her friendship. I always go for earrings when I’m buying gifts for friends: you don’t have to worry about the fit, and I can always find a something to match any sense of style. I love these Antique Button earrings for my friend who loves vintage, Turquoise for my Boho chic friend, and Amethyst for my friend with classic, timeless style. Each pair is less than $100!

Your First Christmas Together

If this is your first Christmas together, expectations for your gift are understandably high. You have to pick something to really wow her! The Premiere Collection is just the right fit; beautifully crafted with Gold and Diamond accents, the Premiere Collection is a perfect blend of high-end drama and everyday wearability. She’ll think of your first Christmas together each time she slips on this beautiful Premiere bracelet and earring set.

The Woman Who Thinks She Has Everything

We all know one of these women. Maybe you are one of these women! If she’s convinced that she already has enough jewelry, she clearly hasn’t been spending enough time at Local Charm. With over fifty different artists, it’s easy to find a completely unique gift. My personal favorites: Nick Vaverko dyed Cattle Horn pieces in vivid yellow, Stainless Steel chainmail lariat and matching earrings, and striking pieces from Yan Van Designs in materials ranging from Copper to Rubber to Pearls. Don’t worry! A woman will always make room in her jewelry box for a new favorite.

So there it is! Your holiday shopping made easy with Local Charm!

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