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Why I Love . . . Rainbow Moonstone!

With many stones, it’s easy to see what makes them special: the sparkle of Diamonds, the unique texture of Druzy Quartz, the vivid color of Turquoise. With some gemstones, though, you have to look a little closer to see what makes them so beautiful. Trust me, though, it is always worth a closer look. Especially with Rainbow Moonstone!

Rainbow Moonstone is a beautiful member of the feldspar family of stones. It is usually clear or white, but please don’t for a minute think this stone is boring. Rainbow Moonstone is known for having brilliant flashes of color that appear to emanate from inside the stone when light moves across it. These flashes of color are called “schiller,” and while most Moonstones have a blue flash, there are also Moonstones that have colors such as yellow, orange, green, and purple. Each Moonstone really does have its own unique personality – no two are exactly the same!

Moonstone’s neutral base color makes it a great choice for everyday wear. A set of Rainbow Moonstone will work with just about any outfit you choose to match it with. Of course, wearing the stone with blue will bring out the stone’s natural glow, playing up the subtle color and creating a bolder look. I love Rainbow Moonstone worn with jeans and a basic sweater or blouse – you look polished but not too flashy, just like the stone itself!

If you’re interested in stone lore, Rainbow Moonstone has a fascinating history. Until the 19th century, many people believed that Rainbow Moonstone had the power to make people invisible. Moonstone has also long been associated with femininity and motherhood. It is said to foster insight, tenderness, and protection. Because of this, it is a common gift for expectant and new mothers. The stone’s association with the moon has also made it a stone for romantic love, and a common gift between sweethearts.


Have I inspired you to take a closer look at Rainbow Moonstone? Stop into Local Charm to see our selection of this one-of-a-kind stone!

Do you have a favorite Rainbow Moonstone piece? What outfits do you wear it with?

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