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Local Charm #OOTD

One of the great things about following your favorite bloggers is that you get to see so much real fashion – not just how designers send a look down the runway, but how real people create their own style by mixing old and new, high and low, garments and accessories. My favorite hashtag right now is #OOTD, which fashion bloggers as well as everyday users of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram use to document their Outfit of the Day. It got me thinking: just what are Local Charmers around the country wearing right now? How do they pair their favorite dress or sweater with great jewelry to make the perfect outfit?

I asked around and got some great looks from employees that I wanted to share with you. Here are some of our amazing and unique Local Charm Outfits of the Day:

Dinell at Water Tower Place in Chicago: “When wearing knits, I like to keep things cozy and casual with a simple pair of studs and a few necklaces. Get this look by pairing a darker colored stone earring, like these Lapis studs, with a Sterling Silver necklace and a simple black chord and pendant to give the look a fun, eclectic vibe."

Vee at Block 37 in Chicago: “I paired my favorite relaxed dress with a delicate set featuring Antique Buttons and Cameos.”

Susan at Mall of America: “I love Rose Quartz, Red Garnet, and Sterling Silver. I had fun stacking my bracelets and liked the way these pieces look paired with a chiffon blouse and basic black slacks. The silver collar ties the whole look together.”

Litisha in Denver: “I love to mix and match my jewelry. Today I chose Sterling Silver, Amber, and Red Garnet.”

Lamda at Block 37 in Chicago: “I love bright colors in the winter! My selection today includes pieces from the Nick Vaverko cattle horn collection as well as Green Amethyst and Mystic Topaz.”

Now it’s your turn -- I’d love to see your #OOTD! Show us your one-of-a-kind style!

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